Portico and sheetrock

On the outside of the building, you can see the frame of the portico outside of the front doors. Just inside, the sheetrock is up throughout the office and restroom spaces, and in some of the classrooms. In a few days, interior painting should be starting, following as the walls go up.


Focus shifting to interior work

With the rains upon us, much of the building’s exterior is looking good, including a lot of painting having been done by Hillview members! The interior is also progressing nicely. There are actual walls going up, not purely framing! There is also a soffit going in around the air ducts that run the length of the sanctuary and fellowship hall.


Sealing the outside, working on the inside

There have been a lot of changes in the last 10 days! On the outside, the north wall is all framed in, and work is happening on both the roof and sides to start getting things sealed up before the rainy season is upon us. On the inside, the framing for the storage spaces to the left and right at the front of the sanctuary has been installed. The plumbers have been through as well, roughing in the riser and plumbing for both the fire suppression system and regular plumbing fixtures. Coming soon, the electrician will be doing their rough-in, and a few men from the church will be working on installing the low-voltage systems (network and audio systems).

Exterior, showing progress on the roof and sides.

Exterior, showing progress on the roof and sides.

North wall detail

North wall detail

Interior of the North wall, framing for the storage spaces visible to the left and right.

Interior of the North wall, framing for the storage spaces visible to the left and right.

Some heavy lifting!

Some very visible work got done today!  Installation of the larger trusses that cover the sanctuary and fellowship areas has been delayed waiting on availability of a crane, but today that crane was on-site.  The two pictures show the work getting started about 7:30 AM, and then the result of the day's work about 5:30 PM.  Obviously, it was a very productive day!  Praise the Lord!


Truss assembly progress

Many of the smaller trusses have been assembled and lifted into place.  Those pictured here are over the front of the building, facing south towards Holly St.  The larger trusses will require a crane to lift into place, which Lord willing will be in the very near future.